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Stop Allergic Asthma Triggers at the Source

Immediate relief from major allergens in your home today

DailyBreath & Allergy Defender

We have partnered together to bring you full allergy and asthma symptoms control in your home environment and on the go. Download the app to identify asthma triggers, manage allergy and asthma symptoms.

Use the Allergen Spray to reduce allergic asthma triggers the natural way. Together we are designed to defeat allergic asthma!

You aren't the only one suffering from allergic asthma!

Like you, many of us suffer from allergic asthma triggered by pets, dust mites and more. That's one of the main reasons we created Allergen Spray. A simple spray that stops allergic asthma triggers at the source, your home.

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Here's How it Works

The Allergen Spray is easy to use and comes prefilled with our third-party tested and certified mineral concentrate upon arrival.

Step ONE

Fill with Water

First, you fill your Allergen Spray bottle to the top with tap water. Recap the bottle and shake until minerals dissolve, then attach the sprayer.

Step Two

Spray in Air & on Surfaces

Attach the sprayer and spray in the air and on surfaces in every room in your home. Our spray stops symptoms at the source by targeting allergens in the air and on surfaces and dehydrating them.


Experience Relief

Repeat as needed to keep a fresh and allergen reduced household that will lead to a healthier and happier life with allergies.

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grey cat and golden retriever dog on floor

Designed to Defeat Allergic Asthma Triggers

The most common triggers for allergic asthma: cats, dogs, dust mites, pollen and more.

Why Allergen Spray REALLY WORKS:

The lab-tested mineral concentrate that makes up the Allergen Spray binds to these allergens in the air and on surfaces. This process dehydrates and encapsulates the allergens rendering them inactive.

What Makes us Different:

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Science Backed

Our products are lab tested by the world leader in allergen detection systems,INBIO. We utilize 3rd party testing to continually verify the safety and performance of our formula.

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Started by a father desperate to help his daughter with asthma & allergies. We are a proud family-owned small business.


We never ship water and offer refill packs because sustainability is part of our everyday mission. We encourage our customers to always reuse what they can.

gif of allergy asthma clean allergen spray being sprayed on couch and in the air


The Symptom-Free Guarantee

We want to be your partner in allergic asthma relief. That's why we'll do whatever it takes to ensure you defeat the allergens inside your home.

It's risk free - unless you're an allergen.

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