Here's a quick story, I recently (and with regret, accidentally) purchased a lavender-scented dish soap. Within seconds, I started to get a headache. I was washing the dishes, and no matter how hard I scrubbed, I could not get that scent off my hands all night. I smelled it in my kitchen, living room, and even bedroom for almost half an hour. It was everywhere! And the culprit was some harmless (or seeming harmless) dish soap.
Holidays were the most challenging time of the year for me. When I was five years old, and allergy-induced asthma attack on Christmas Eve sent me to the hospital. So, if you're worried about the holidays and your allergies, I understand. Here are some tips and tricks to deal with severe allergies during the Christmas season.
By all means create a safe place in your home. We suggest your bedroom where pets are not allowed. Since pet dander is sticky, change your clothes before stepping into your room. Put them in a laundry basket and bring the hamper into your room so your pet cant sleep on your clothes while youre snoozing

Most products contain not one or two VOCs but 17 on average! In some cases, these VOCs react to the ozone in the air to create cancer causing air pollutants such as formaldehyde and methylene chloride.*

Allergies are an unnatural reaction by a person's immune system against a commonly non-irritating substance; when someone who is allergic encounters this matter or allergen, their body manufactures chemicals that cause allergy symptoms. 
If you are like me and sensitive to scented/fragranced products, you will look around and realize artificial fragrances aren’t only in cleaning products, they are everywhere
Did you know that indoor air is 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air? We all like certain scents, from our air fresheners to a renovated room with that new carpet smell. But that new smell could be causing your health issues! Lately, I’ve had several customers tell me, “I just got a new carpet and I’m having the worst headaches.” It’s nothing surprising. I’ve faced this issue myself.
Allergic to your pets? I grew up highly allergic to pets, I still am to this day. However, I used to live with two poodles, my grandmother’s, and to be honest I could barely breathe some days. But my father and a team of dedicated chemists created an Allergen Spray that changed my life.