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Need indoor allergy relief?

Spray your allergens away.

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Get indoor allergy relief within minutes.

All you have to do is spray. No pills. No shots. Just spray in the air and on surfaces.

Air + Surface

Our unique Allergen Spray can be used in the air and on surfaces.

30 Day Returns

Quick and easy 30 day money back guarantee.

Lab Verified

Independent lab verified by the world leader in allergen detection.


This product cured my allergy. I really appreciate it! I will keep buying this product to keep my carpet clean.


I was waking up sneezing about 20 times every morning this has helped me so much. I definitely recommend this product


loved this product will purchace again helps my daughter with her allergies


wonderful stuff




Since I have used this product it has relieved my allergy problems in my home. This is my second bottle and will continue to use it. I highly recommend it.


I bought this to ensure a clean healthy environment. Completely satisfied with use and product; Definitely Recommend!!!


This works very well! I have cat allergies but still love cats so this spray makes it possible.


It works--finally get some sleep


This product is a life saver for asthmatics everywhere! Thank you so much!

33.8oz bottle + 2 Pack
The Bundle

Want over 100oz of allergy relief? Try our bundle, Allergen Spray 33.8oz bottle + Allergen Spray Refill 2 Pack.

People & pet safe

Non-toxic for your family

We use only 100% food grade minerals in our ingredients. No harsh chemicals, fragrances or scents.

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Eco friendly
Just Add Water

We don't ship water. Not shipping helps save the planet by reducing carbon emissions. All products arrive with only our mineral concentrate. You add the water.

Save money with our Refill 2 Pack

Pour one refill into any bottle, add water and start spraying. Contains 2 refills.

sassy cat sitting on top of table

Is pet dander just from fur?


By all means create a safe place in your home. We suggest your bedroom where pets are not allowed. Since pet dander is sticky, change your clothes before stepping into your room. Put them in a laundry basket and bring the hamper into your room so your pet cant sleep on your clothes while youre snoozing

Most products contain not one or two VOCs but 17 on average! In some cases, these VOCs react to the ozone in the air to create cancer causing air pollutants such as formaldehyde and methylene chloride.*

How my father changed my life

When I was 5 years old, I almost died from a severe allergy induced asthma attack. It wasn’t the first time I had an asthma attack nor was it my last. I have had allergies and asthma since I was 3 years old and everyday I lived in constant fear of having another one.