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Air and surface spray

A New Kind
of Allergen Defense

Stop Indoor Allergy Symptoms at the Source


Making life with indoor allergies healthier & happier.

Like all good products, our story starts with a real problem needing a real solution. We offer an immediate and natural way to achieve indoor allergy relief.

We believe allergy free-days are the best days.


We never ship water and offer refill packs because sustainability is part of our everyday mission. We encourage our customers to always reuse what they can.


Started by a father desperate to help his daughter with asthma & allergies. We are a proud family-owned small business.

Allergy defender lab tested allergen spray

Science Backed

Our products are lab tested by the world leader in allergen detection systems, INBIO. We utilize 3rd party testing to continually verify the safety and performance of our formula.

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The Ultimate Relief Set

Stop your indoor allergy symptoms at the source
with over 100oz of spray solution.

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allergy defender science allergen spray

It's all about the science

Lab-Tested Products that'll actually make your life with allergies healthier & happier?

Shop now to stop your indoor allergy symptoms at the source.

How our Spray Works

Immediate relief in 3 simple steps

How our Spray Works

Immediate relief in 3 simple steps

Learn more about improving indoor air quality

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Most Common Allergens

Allergens can cause a range of symptoms which may include sneezing, itchy eyes or skin rashes.

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Can You See Pet Dander?

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