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family with dog on couch

The Science behind Allergy Defender

Chemist developed and verified by the world leader in allergen detection systems

Allergy Defender uses the natural power of minerals

These minerals attract, surround, and dehydrate indoor allergens.

This method controls both airborne and surface allergens to achieve immediate relief.

allergy defender lab verified by inbio

Who is Inbio?

Inbio is recognized as the world leader in allergen exposure assessment

Allergy Defender contracted with Inbio to get lab verified results to ensure our product was safe and effective for allergy sufferers worldwide. The Analysis Method Used:

Multiplex Array for Indoor Allergens (MARIA®) 5-plex

What is MARIA: MARIA is an antibody-based immunoassay method developed by InBio utilizing Luminex xMAP® technology. The method has been validated through an international, multi-center trial, and the percent reduction of allergens is based on allergen concentration measured using the MARIA assay. 

The Results for Air & Surface


Air testing 95% to 80% Reduction of Major Allergens

Based on the results from testing air samples collected from an environmental chamber, Allergen Spray effectively reduces the dust mite, cat, and dog allergens after being sprayed in the air.


Surface testing 99% Reduction of Major Allergens

Based on the results from surface samples collected from multiple testing procedures, Allergen Spray effectively reduces the number of allergens from dust mite and cockroach matter, and cat and dog dander from surfaces after being treated.

* Both statements apply to the allergens tested, which are representative of the variety of clinically relevant indoor allergens known to contribute to the development and exacerbation of asthma and other allergic conditions.

Indoor Biotechnologies is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products and services and recognizes the importance and value of an established Quality Assurance program. Indoor Biotechnologies' Analysis Services Laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited for allergen testing (Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. Accreditation No.: Certificate No.: 76453. L20-587).

Additional Notes

House dust was used with selected allergens in testing at a higher concentration than typically found in an average home for both air and surface testing. The dust/allergens comprise various types of particles, including sources for many allergens. The primary purpose for measuring allergens with dust was to ensure that each of the allergens was present in bulk dust samples at a sufficiently high concentration to measure any potential real-world reduction that might occur during testing. Repeated measurements for the Environmental Air Chamber and Surface Impact demonstrated the reproducibility of the MARIA method for verifying efficacy in reduction testing. However, because there is a limit to the sensitivity of all analytical methods, it is not possible to report complete (100%) allergen reduction. 

The Details

Why Minerals?

Because minerals do not contain any proteins and proteins are the primary cause of an allergic reaction.

Dog, cat, dust mites, pollens, and plant-based products have proteins that can cause allergic reactions. Our minerals contain zero proteins.

What is the Enviornmental Impact?

Early on, we performed a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) to understand the impacts of our product and its production.

Shipping water is by far the most significant impact which is why we only ship the minerals. We also recommend reusing our bottle and buying the refill packs to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This also reduces plastic and saves money.

allergen spray sprayed on dog bedding with dog in background

The Science behind the Safety

We only use certified 100% food grade and FDA GRAS minerals meaning these ingredients are ultra-safe around and for food production.

Our Allergen Spray never includes any harsh chemicals, petroleum-based ingredients, plant ingredients, fragrances, or essential oils. GRAS refers to substances that are Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA. This designation is given to substances with a long history of safe use or that are safe through scientific study. Allergen Spray is the safest alternative for allergy control where human, animal, and food contact is likely. Since even water can cause sensitivity to some people, we recommend stepping out of the room after spraying as allergens and dust are dried and pulled out of the air

The Ingredients

Our Allergen Spray only contains ingredients listed by the FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe), meaning it is safe enough to be used in the foods you eat daily, like meat and dairy, and is used in water softening.

Although these grades cost more, the additional purity of our ingredients provides an extra level of protection from possibly hazardous impurities that otherwise might be present.

Our Ingredients: FDA & GRAS pure sodium sesquicarbonate, FDA food grade mineral phosphate salts.

How our Spray Works

Our Allergen Spray is efficient because it cleans the air in contaminated rooms by binding, absorbing, neutralizing, and precipitating the organic allergens, clearing the air of many known "sensitizers."

Because the product is combined with water to such an extent, its inhalation does not produce skin or lung irritation, has no dry particulates and is safe for contact internally and externally. 

allergy asthma clean allergen spray bottle next to young girl and dog


Savanna experienced severe asthma attacks her entire childhood

Our allergen spray is the result of a dad on a mission to find a holistic approach to allergic reactions and save his daughter's life