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New Year, New Indoor Air Quality?

Happy 2022! New year, new indoor air quality?

You probably made a New Year's resolution to eat right and exercise more. I know I did! But have you ever thought about making a resolution to improve your indoor air quality? What if it could impact your health? Yes, you read that right, your indoor air could be causing some health issues, and it's time to solve them. Indoor air quality can be anywhere from 2 to 10x more polluted than the outdoor air. Air freshener, scented trash bags, fragrance-based laundry detergents, candles, paint, the list goes on and on. These items have VOCs or Volatile organic compounds. These are gases emitted from those products, and they could be causing your headaches, allergic reactions, eye, nose, or throat irritation, fatigue, or dizziness. 

Here's a quick story, I recently (and with regret, accidentally) purchased a lavender-scented dish soap. Within seconds, I started to get a headache. I was washing the dishes, and no matter how hard I scrubbed, I could not get that scent off my hands all night. I smelled it in my kitchen, living room, and even bedroom for almost half an hour. It was everywhere! And the culprit was some harmless (or seeming harmless) dish soap.

Challenge yourself to change your indoor air quality and improve your health this New Year. 

Ditch the fragrances and scented products. Say goodbye to those air fresheners, and see how you feel for the next two weeks. You might be surprised by the results. 


Need help with fragrance-free product ideas? Here are some products I use:



Paula's Choice

Drunk Elephant

Necessaire (fragrance free)

Hair Care:

Drunk Elephant


Dish soap:

Sensitive Home Free & Clear

Seventh Generation Free & Clear


Laundry Detergent:

TruEarth (concentrated strips)

Cleaning products: (this one gets hard, most companies don't have fragrance free lines, or they add essential oils)

Sensitive Home

BetterLife (fragrance window cleaner)

Branch Basics (used chamomile extract)

Force of Nature (has a chlorinated pool smell that doesn't last very long)


If you are chemically sensitive please read the ingredients list before using any of the products listed above.