By Allergy Defender

Why Fido is my new best friend…

When I was younger I was mildly obsessed with dogs, I knew everything about them. I even looked up all kinds of breeds in The Dog Bible. I wanted a dog so bad, but I was (I still am) highly allergic. I eventually grew up to live with two poodles, my grandmother’s, and to be honest it was a huge struggle.
Before the Allergen Spray even just walking up the stairs in my grandmother’s house was difficult, it was hard to breathe when I got to the top. After the Allergen Spray, I could run up the stairs with no problem!

My father would mix the mineral concentrate with water and spray the entire house on all surfaces, couches, counters, walls, and even in the HVAC system. He would spray the product in the air (most products can’t be sprayed in the air, but ours can.) After the entire house got sprayed down, I could breathe. I could breathe even with two poodles in the house!

For me the Allergen Spray is much more than just a product, it is a chance at having a dog. Check out the product here:


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