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The Science

Allergy Defender is third-party tested by the leader in groundbreaking allergen research focused on advancing technologies and testing capabilities related to asthma and allergies.

Proof it works- the science

We knew Allergen Spray was effective, both in the air and on surfaces, but we wanted to prove it scientifically. So we contacted InBio (recognized as the world leader in allergen exposure assessment) to test this product and back up our claims.


Air testing 95% to 80% Reduction of Major Allergens
Based on the results from testing air samples collected from an environmental chamber, Allergen Spray effectively reduces the dust mite, cat, and dog allergens after being sprayed in the air.


Surface Encapsulation 99% Reduction of Major Allergens
Based on the results from surface samples collected from multiple testing, Allergen Spray effectively reduces the number of dust mites, cat, dog, and cockroach allergens from surfaces after being sprayed.

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Hello, I'm Savanna, CEO & the reason behind Allergy Defender. Our journey has been a long one but rewarding every step of the way.