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Indoor allergies are tricky. Sometimes that means extra help is needed. Below is a list of tips to help you on your allergy-free journey.  

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reducing pet allergens in your home

Pet Dander Allergy?

  • Pet dander is a sticky protein. It will stick to clothes, walls, floors, anything! It becomes airborne when you move around and can transfer to other rooms. Spray your whole home, not just the main rooms. 
  • Since pet dander can stay active for up to 30+ weeks, spraying more often would be ideal. We have some customers who have such severe allergies they need to spray every day.
  • Change the air filter. When getting an air filter, use a MERV 10 or higher rated filter. If your home is older, you might not want to go above an 8 since it could put extra strain on the system. You can also spray the product on the air filter weekly.
  • Always colorfast test the product in an inconspicuous area when spraying the carpet. Vacuum and spray the product in the air and the carpeting. 
  • A safe space. Make the bedroom a "safe place" with no pets allowed. Remember, pet dander can stick to clothes, so changing into clean, pet-dander-free clothes before going into the room can help control allergens.

Remember, you aren't allergic to the hair/fur of your pet, but the proteins they produce. To learn what is making you miserable, click the button below.

How Often to Use

Use as often as needed. But here is what suggest.

Pet Allergens

Use daily.

Movement, cleaning and more can release pet allergens back into the air where they could trigger a reaction.

Dust Mite Allergens

Use 3x weekly.

Spray directly on mattresses, couches, carpeting, pillows and more. They love dark, humid places.


After vacuuming: Spray in the air and on carpeting

Dusting: Spray onto a clean rag and wipe


For visitors: Use before and during.

New home: Use weekly.

Dust control: Use weekly.

The Science behind Allergy Defender

Allergy Defender contracted with INBIO to get lab verified results to ensure our product was safe and effective for allergy sufferers worldwide. 

dust mite in carpet with close up showing dust mite

Dust Mite Allergy?

  • Try dust-mite-proof bedding and pillow covers.
  • You can use Allergen Spray directly on your mattress.
  • Vacuum often using a HEPA filter. Vacuuming can quickly release allergens into the air, so using Allergen Spray in the air and carpeting after vacuuming is ideal.
  • Spray on all soft surfaces, couches, pillows, bedding, etc.

Remember, dust mites don't bite. You can't see them, so learn what part of them is making you miserable by clicking the button below.

cockroach allergy

Cockroach Allergy?

  • Keep your home clean and free of excess clutter like piles of papers, clothes, and shoes.
  • Vacuum regularly. Use Allergen Spray in the air after vacuuming.
  • Keep kitchen counters and floors clear of crumbs.
  • Wear a face mask when you’re cleaning.
  • Use Allergen Spray around the kitchen.

women dusting tv

Cleaning Tips

  • Use the Allergen Spray on a clean cloth and wipe down all hard surfaces, baseboards, side tables, under your couch, under your bed, etc. Avoid dry dusting, it can release more allergens into the air.
  • Spray your air filter with the Allergen Spray 1x a week or as needed. Remember to replace those filters often!
  • Wear a face mask when cleaning, as dusting can easily release allergens back into the air where they could cause a reaction.
  • Avoid cleaning products that contains fragrances or essential oils as those could be an irritants to lung sensitive individuals.

Still not seeing the results you had hoped?

This is often because there are allergens in your environment (think mold or pollen); our Allergen Spray can't reduce, and for that, we are sorry.