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Welcome to Allergy Defender Wholesale

Are you ready to offer your customers a cutting-edge allergen defense solution?

There is a growing demand for products that provide relief from allergies and create healthier living environments with out medication. We invite retail stores, pet stores, HVAC companies, hotels, and physicians to partner with us to bring the power of Allergy Defender to your customers.

We are shaking things up in the allergy world

What if you could stop allergy symptoms at the source instead of just treating the symptoms?

Allergy Defender's Allergen Spray, is a new approach to allergy care that reduces indoor allergens from the air and surfaces with our science-backed mineral based formula.

Natural & Non-Toxic

Our 100% mineral-based and food-grade formula is safe for people, pets & the planet. Providing a holistic alternative to managing indoor allergies.

Air & Surface Protection Barrier

Unlike traditional allergy products, we treat your home, not just your symptoms. We create an invisible protective barrier that prevents allergens from escaping.

Economical & Easy-to-Use

We are user-friendly and provide indoor allergy relief for only pennies a day. The convenient spray bottle makes it simple to incorporate into your daily routine.

gif of allergy asthma clean allergen spray being sprayed on couch and in the air

A new kind of allergen defense

Why & How Allergen Spray Is Effective

Our Allergen Spray is efficient because it cleans the air in contaminated rooms by binding, absorbing, neutralizing, and precipitating the organic allergens, clearing the air of many known "sensitizers". Because the product is combined with water , its inhalation does not produce skin or lung irritation, has no dry particulates and is safe for contact internally and externally. 

  • Zero plant ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Fragrance free
  • Scent-free
  • Backed by world-leading science

Science-backed & Third Party Tested

We knew Allergen Spray was effective, both in the air and on surfaces, but we wanted to prove it! So we partnered with InBio (The world leader in allergen exposure assessment) to test our allergy spray and back up our claims with real results.



Air testing 95% to 80% Reduction of Major Allergens
Based on the results from testing air samples collected from an environmental chamber, Allergen Spray effectively reduces the dust mite, cat, and dog allergens after being sprayed in the air.


Surface Encapsulation 99% Reduction of Major Allergens
Based on the results from surface samples collected from multiple testing, Allergen Spray effectively reduces the number of dust mites, cat, dog, and cockroach allergens from surfaces after being sprayed.

The Ingredients & Commitment to Sustainability

We use 100% minerals and no harsh chemicals or fragrances to ensure Allergen Spray is hypoallergenic and safe for people, pets and the planet.

We firmly believe in a zero fragrance formula so even those with asthma can easily use the product (fragrances should be avoided if you have asthma).

Commitment to Sustainability

We don't ship water, so our Allergen Spray bottle comes prefilled with only the mineral concentrate. Not shipping water saves you money. Reusing the bottle reduces plastic waste, and our refill system makes it easy to refill at any time.

A must have on your shelves for indoor allergy sufferers.

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3 simple steps to defense

3 simple steps to defense