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"Life changer!!! I can tell a big difference in the air! We spray this all over our home and in our filter when we change it! We have two kitties and we both suffer from allergies, but we can’t not have pets!!" -Yabria

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Only 100% mineral ingredients

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Here's How it Works: Full Air & Surface Control

The Allergen Spray is easy to use and comes prefilled with our third-party tested and certified mineral concentrate upon arrival.


Fill with Water

First, you fill your Allergen Spray bottle to the top with tap water. Recap the bottle and shake until minerals dissolve, then attach the sprayer.


Spray in Air & on Surfaces

Spray in the air and on surfaces in every room in your home. Our spray stops symptoms at the source by targeting allergens and dehydrating them. The only Allergen Spray on the market you can spray in the air.


Experience Allergy Relief

Repeat as needed to keep a fresh and allergen reduced household that will lead to a healthier and happier life with allergies.


A Father's Promise to his Asthmatic Daughter

Pet dander, pollen, and dust mites—the hidden menaces dictating my life. Allergy Defender emerged from my own personal struggle as a young asthmatic, armed with minerals and a mission. Our team of expert chemists, led by my father Chris, embarked on a quest to neutralize these allergens that once held me captive.
Through relentless dedication and innovative thinking, we crafted Allergy Defender—a safe, sustainable shield against allergies.

Join me and discover how this product changed my entire life.

Our Allergen Spray Offers Immediate Relief for Indoor Allergy & Asthma Sufferers


Verified by the world leader in allergen detection, Indoor Biotechnologies


By not shipping water we are able to reduce our carbon footprint and stay as sustainable as possible. Plus, reuse the bottle with our convenient refill system.


Family own and operated means our purpose will always remain helping people with indoor allergies

allergy asthma clean allergen spray bottle next to young girl and dog

Gain peace of mind

Protect the whole family one bottle at a time.

Our formula is safe, immediate and eco-friendly. We pride ourselves in being for families by families.

How To Effectively Use Your Allergen Spray

How To Effectively Use Your Allergen Spray

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A must have for those who suffer from indoor allergies

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