Carbon Neutral Order

Carbon Neutral Order

Regular price $0.00 Allergic to your pet? Waking up miserable? Dust mite allergy? Spray your allergens away! Reduce pet dander, dust mites and more both on surfaces and in the air!

Fight allergens & take control

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1. Where to use

In the air: Mist every room in your home

Soft surfaces: Couch, bedding, pillows, curtains, carpet, most soft surfaces

Hard surfaces: Floors, walls, baseboards

Filters: Air filters, HVAC, vacuum cleaner

Other: Car, RV, hotel room

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2. How often to use

Use the product until symptoms clear up.

Have severe pet allergies: Use daily

Dust mite allergies: Use 3x time a week

Visitors have pet allergies: Use before and during

Moved to a new place: Use weekly

Light pet allergies: Use weekly

Dust bothers me: Use weekly

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3. Allergens

Cleaning stirs up allergens. If you have bad allergies or asthma you may want to put a face mask on while cleaning.

Use Allergen Spray in every room.  We suggest to leave the room if you are extra sensitive.

Sweep your floors and vacuum your carpets (at least once a week or as needed)

Change your air filters often (once a month or as needed)

Product Tips

Pet dander and other allergens are sticky. Learn the best way to reduce them in your home using the Allergen Spray product line.

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Our Carbon Pledge

-Refill packets

-Not shipping water

-100% recyclable bottle

-Low impact ingredients

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I have had severe allergies and asthma since I was five.

My father and a team of chemists formulated this Allergen Spray. It made my life living indoors with pets possible. This product changed my life, I want to help change yours.