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Allergies? When You’re Ready To Throw Up Your Hands In Frustration, Try This.

New beginnings! Did you know September means new beginnings? So, we’ve got an idea for you, allergy sufferers. 


Call it a paradigm shift if you will 

When we have allergies we take something to calm our body down. But, why not address the environment instead of our body? Change directions from swallowing over-the-counter (OTC) medication to spraying something in the air for relief.  


Introduced this concept to a friend 

Bob (not his real name) couldn’t sleep but for four hours a night. Unknown allergies were preventing him from sleeping. He tried everything. He had been suffering for decades. We gave him a bottle of our product, he sprayed it into the air and guess what? He actually slept that night. Hallelujah! A follow up called revealed: Bob and his wife cleaned their bedroom thoroughly. They sprayed the product in the air. While he slept that first night, he was looking for more relief. He said it took him 10-12 days of nightly spraying to where he was satisfied. Bob said he’s reduced his intake of nasal spray. He feels he’s got it 70% under control. This is indeed good news! He was smart enough to try something we weren’t “educated” to do- spray a product into the air.


Hand a bottle to someone you love

If you have a friend suffering from allergies, why not give them a bottle of Allergy Defender? They too might sleep well for the first time in a long time. They will thank you for it. You are a good friend. 


Bottom line

For the cost of an allergy drug you could possibly get some relief by simply just spraying Allergy Defender in the air.