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Holiday Guide for Those with Severe Pet Allergies

Holiday Guide for Those with Severe Pet Allergies

The holiday season is a time for joy, togetherness, and lasting memories with family and friends. However, for individuals with severe pet allergies, the prospect of spending time in homes with furry friends can be a daunting challenge. Fear not! This comprehensive holiday survival guide is designed to help you navigate the festive season without sacrificing your health or holiday spirit.


Pre-Visit Preparations:

  1. Communicate Openly:

    • Inform your family about your severe pet allergy well in advance.
    • Discuss the importance of maintaining a pet-free environment during your stay.
  2. Select Allergy-Friendly Accommodations:

    • Choose lodgings that are pet-free or have stringent cleaning protocols.  Remember, just because a hotel says, "No pets allowed," they, by law, are required to accept service animals. 
    • Look for hotels where you can open a window and that isn't by a major road or freeway.
    • Ask a family or friend without pets as an alternative. 
  3. Pack Essentials:

    • Allergen Spray plus refills
    • Nasal spray and other medication if needed
    • Bring your own spare pillowcases or pillow
    • Mask
    • Asthma inhaler: if you have asthma, make sure it is not expired and always pack an extra one. I pack one in my purse and one in my checked bag or carry-on. 

Travel Tips:

  1. Travel Pillow and Blanket:

    • Bring your own spare pillow and blanket for the journey. Don't forget to wash them right when you get home.
  2. Face Masks:

    • Wear a mask to reduce the inhalation of airborne allergens, especially on the plane. "I personally have been traveling with a mask for years and have seen a difference when wearing it on a plane, I will link my favorite mask brand below." -Savanna Elliott, Co-founder

On-Site Strategies:

  1. Create a Safe Zone:

    • Work with your family to designate a pet-free area where you can retreat when needed. Make sure to spray that room down and change into clean clothes before entering. Clothes can easily transfer pet dander allergens from one room to another.
  2. Self-Care:

    • Prioritize self-care by taking breaks outside or in the pet-free room.  

"As someone who has survived a lot of holidays with pets, it can easily be overwhelming and sometimes even scary. It's okay to take breaks, ask for help, and even leave. Your allergy struggle is real and valid, but you are also not alone." -Savanna Elliott, Co-founder


Survive the Holidays Allergy-Free: My Personal Product Recommendations

  1. Allergen Defender Spray:

    • Before and during your holiday stay, use the Allergen Defender Spray to create a safe, allergen-free environment. Spray in the air and on surfaces at the hotel and your family's house. Get it here: Allergen Bundle
  2. Cambridge Mask Co Pro:

    • When traveling, especially on planes with pets, the Cambridge Mask Co Pro provides effective protection. I've been using it for years. Find it here: Cambridge Mask Co Pro
  3. Bioctosal Forte Oxygen Supplements:

    • For an extra boost, I turn to Bioctosal Forte, an oxygen supplement. Octacosanol in the supplement may enhance oxygen utilization during exercise, improving endurance, stamina, and reaction time. Find it here: Bioctosal Forte
  4. Immune Support with Vitamin D and C:

    • To stay healthy during holiday travels, boost your immune system with increased Vitamin D and C intake. This proactive approach might help fend off illnesses that often accompany holiday journeys. Find Vitamin D  & Vitamin C



Returning Home: Post-Holiday Allergy Recovery

The joyous holiday festivities may have come to an end, but it's crucial to prioritize your well-being as you return home. Here are essential steps to ease back into your daily routine and recover from any potential allergen exposure:

  1. Unpack Strategically:

    • When unpacking, do so in a well-ventilated area to minimize exposure to any lingering allergens on your belongings.
  2. Laundry Ritual:

    • Wash all of your clothes with a fragrance-free detergent to eliminate any allergens they may have picked up. Water above 130 degrees and high heat in the dryer will help.
  3. Deep Clean Your Living Space:

    • Conduct a thorough cleaning of your home, focusing on your bedroom. You need sleep to help your body recover from an allergy attack or asthma attack. Getting a good night's sleep is vital. Spray your entire home with the Allergen Spray. I personally like to spray my suitcase right after opening it up, place everything in the wash, and then spray the house down. 


While the holidays offer a wonderful opportunity for gathering and celebrating, allergies can pose a challenge. I hope that this guide will prove helpful in navigating your travels. Wishing you a joyous holiday season!


We do not make commissions off of these products besides our Allergen Spray. These products are my personal recommendation; always talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any medication and supplements.