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TAKE THE QUIZ: Am I Allergic to My Dog?

Dog Allergies don't Have to Control You

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Plus, there's a new, natural way to control them.

If you find yourself sneezing, itching, or experiencing other allergy symptoms whenever you are around your dog, it is possible that you have an allergy to your furry friend. Pet allergies are quite common, with up to 30% of the population being allergic to pets.

What is Dog Dander?

Dog allergies are typically caused by the proteins found in the pet’s dander (dead skin cells), saliva, and urine. When these proteins are inhaled or come into contact with your skin, they can trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. Common symptoms of dog allergies include sneezing, hives, stuffy or a runny nose, itchy skin or watery eyes, coughing, wheezing, skin rashes, and even shortness of breath in severe cases.

Did you know dog allergies can develop at any time, even if you have had dogs before without any issues? Sometimes, it might take months or even years for the symptoms to develop.

Can You be Allergic to Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Yes, you can! While certain “hypoallergenic” dogs might seem appealing, all dogs produce allergens. Some dog breeds that claim to be "hypoallergenic" include Poodles, Afghan Hounds, Bichon Frise, and more.

Tips to Reduce Dog Dander in Your Home

Make a Safe Zone

Make the bedroom a safe zone; no dogs allowed! We know this is incredibly hard, but the bedroom contains the highest allergen load, which could impact your sleep, immune system, and overall health.

Treat The Source

Most products on the market don't treat the source, the allergens in your home. When these allergens become airborne, they can trigger an allergic reaction. Use Allergen Spray to get full air & surface dog allergen control.

Take A Shower

Dog allergens are sticky and can stick to clothes, hair, shoes, furniture, and much more. Take a shower and wash your hair before going to bed- rinsing off removes allergens traveling on you.

Change Air Filters

Change your air filter often; the more dogs you have, the more the filter needs to be changed. Go for a high-rated MERV filter, 11 or above. Contact an HVAC company to help you understand what MERV rating your HVAC system can handle.

*This quiz is intended for info only; it is not to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure a disease, allergies, or more.

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